"The shortest way to realism"

I made a series of videos-exercises, so that anyone can learn to draw realistically.

You can already achieve some realism after the 4th exercise!

These 4 exercises provide a strong foundation to start from, after that only the sky is the limit.

Exercise 3

Required tools:

Printed reference picture, a thicker drawing paper and a plein papers, a graphite pencil egy radír and a ruler.

Brief description of the task:

Divide your sheet in the same proportions as the one you will draw on, but before that colour the entire surface to a uniform medium gray. Then with a piece of paper you can rub the graphite into the fibers of the paper. Turn the reference picture upside down and start drawing. It is important not to turn it over before the drawing is complete !! This time you will draw both with pencil and with the eraser. Here there will be parts where you will work on larger surfaces than just inside a single square.

Tip: You may want to cover the rows that you are not currently drawing. In the end, after you turn you paper back to normal, you can correct some small mistakes, but these should be just minor corrections.

It is very important that you only start with the 4. exercise, if you are happy with it. If you are not, please start over and over and over again...

Reference picture:

After each exercise, you can submit your best drawing to info(at)primusz(dot)com and I will upload the first 15 pictures here. Please be sure to write down your name and your age.

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